BioStrand - solving challenges in genomics for the first time in decades

The idea of Biostrand’s innovative solutions started over family dinner. It all started 7 years ago. I remember it was a sunny autumn Friday evening, around 7.30, a lovely Italian style meal, and we were discussing how there could be an analogy between the concept of text analytics and genomic analysis.


Why is innovation so important in genetic research technology? Tools and methodologies for the genetic researcher have hardly changed since the ’80s. Imagine you are still using a brick-like mobile phone with charging times that take more than all night while carrying a massive 5 kg battery. No internet, no apps, no games, just dialling numbers for phone calls.

You sit around waiting, getting frustrated and there is not much flexibility. That is exactly how researchers often feel when using their less than adequate tools: frustrated, waiting around for results, and having to manually check, copy and recheck results in several different tools.

BioStrand’s solutions offer any researcher 5 main advantages, making life easier, focusing on results:

  1. Intuitive and user friendly, like Google-search
  2. All-in-one multi-level solution
  3. High accuracy
  4. Data results are easily comprehensible
  5. Perform several jobs at once within one tool.

As a family, we invested a lot of time, effort, and money in our idea. The concept gradually developed into a technology following a revolutionary methodology to identify similarities and variations in genetic data and detecting structural anchor points that will drive innovation in precision medicine, drug development, and agriculture.

This methodology enables unprecedented accuracy in detecting similarities and variations in DNA, RNA, and proteins. By detecting HYFTS™, structural 3D information is automatically integrated into the analyses, revolutionising pattern and profile detection that are critical in unravelling diseases and biological processes.

Our technology can revolutionise the genetic research at R&D departments at pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, agro-chemical, and food technology companies.

That is why we founded BioStrand in February 2019.

I am looking forward sharing our journey.

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Picture source: AdobeStock © 翔吾 王

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