BioStrand Webinar: HYFTs™ to Make Data Science More Convenient, More Scalable, and More Complete

BioStrand, a bioinformatics start-up company with a revolutionary methodology for identifying similarities and variations in genetic data, has made its most recent webinar on the critical role the BioStrand R&R solution plays in making data science more convenient, scalable.

The citizen data scientist imperative

Led by BioStrand Data Scientist Sébastien Lemal, Ph.D., and BioStrand CCO Arnout van Hyfte, the presentation reveals how the BioStrand approach to genomics data science overcomes the hurdles in current omics data analysis – including scalability issues, the disparate tool environment, and the lack of integration between silos of domain-specific information.

Sébastien shares how BioStrand has built a proprietary knowledge database utilising a biological discovery called HYFT™ patterns – signature sequences in DNA, RNA, and AA that serve as biological fingerprints and contain a multitude of information layers covering function, structure, and position. With this ground-breaking approach, Sébastien shows how the BioStrand solution manages the normalisation, storage, analysis, cross-comparison, and presentation of petabytes of genomics data – opening up brand new avenues for data analysis at a scale that have been technologically impractical thus far.


HYFTsTM are key in integrating the different omics layers and shifting towards ultra-scalable data analytics," explains Sébastien.

Announcing New Features

Arnout provides a walkthrough of the BioStrand platform focussing on new features, including

  • the ability to add your own datasets using the R&R+ version of the BioStrand research companion,
  • new usability updates that make the platform even simpler to use,
  • and the ability to align every single search result.

In one click you add your proprietary data to R&R+. In one click your data and the integrated set of 11 most popular public databases become searchable and available for multiple sequence alignment,” Arnout said.


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