Formation of Scientific Board

Diepenbeek, Belgium - 18 Januari 2021 -
Official announcement: Formation of a scientific board

BioStrand, a privately-held start-up company focused on developing a platform for AI aided drug and biomarker discovery, and omics data analysis announced the formation of a scientific advisory board to guide the company’s research and development.

"The advice and expertise from this group of eminent scientists, drug developers and pioneers from academic institutions and pharma, biotech and agrochemical companies, will be invaluable to BioStrand," explained Dr Ingrid Brands, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of BioStrand. "We are delighted to work with this multi-talented scientific advisory board as we plan to further develop and expand our platform for AI discovery using our unique HYFT pattern technology. The Biostrand technology can be applied in multiple domains but we will put a clear focus on immunology, immunotherapy and protein-protein interactions.


Members of the BioStrand Scientific Advisory Board include:


  • Dr Reginald Brys, PhD, Vice President Drug Discovery at Galapagos. He is an expert in target and drug discovery processes for various target classes in various pathologies, drug development processes and the usage of biomarkers in research and development. Before joining Galapagos, Dr. Brys conducted research in the GPCR pharmacology field at Janssen Pharmaceutica (Beerse, Belgium). He received his PhD in Biomedical Sciences at the KU Leuven (Belgium).
  • Prof Joost Schymkowitz, PhD, scientific founder of Aelin Therapeutics and group leader of the VIB Switch Laboratory, KU Leuven, where he is holding a professorship for over a decade. He is an expert in structural biology of proteins, protein stability, folding and interaction. He contributed to the development of several structural modelling tools. He obtained a PhD at the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom). He held post doc positions at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg (Germany) and MRC Centre for Protein Engineering, Cambridge (UK)
  • Prof Bernard Manderick, PhD, Professor at the Computer Science Department Free University Brussels (VUB, Belgium) since 1994 and director of the VUB Artificial Intelligence lab. He is an expert in Bayesian machine learning and causality and has worked in a variety of interdisciplinary domains including computational biology, bioinformatics, genetic algorithms and predictive modelling techniques in genomics. He obtained his PhD at the VUB AI lab.
  • Dr Liesbeth Zwarts, PhD, R&D project manager at Globachem. She is an expert in behavioural genetics in insects. At Globachem she leads the research and development for products controlling various pest insects. She holds a PhD in Genetics from KU Leuven, Belgium and North Carolina State University, USA.
  • Guy Vandaele, bioengineer, Head of R&D at Globachem with a focus on developing strategic research roadmaps for new product development. He is an expert in plant stress and development of products to reduce plant stress. Published author of research papers to improve fruit production and yield.

About BioStrand

BioStrand offers a revolutionary methodology for identifying similarities and variations in genetic data and detecting structural anchor points that will drive innovation in precision medicine, drug development and agriculture. The BioStrand methodology enables unprecedented accuracy in detecting similarities and variations in DNA, RNA and proteins. By detecting HYFTS™, structural 3D information is automatically integrated into the analyses, revolutionising pattern and profile detection that are critical in unraveling diseases and biological processes.

Further information:


Co-Founder, MD Ingrid Brands, CEO

PhD in neurorehabilitation, well-established career and background in rehabilitation medicine, extensive expertise in research and high-level management.

Co-Founder, MD Dirk  Van Hyfte, CTO

PhD in medical artificial intelligence and a background in psychiatry and research. Serial entrepreneur. His biggest current success is IKnow founded in 2000. IKnow was acquired by Intersystems in 2010. Dirk was invited to support InterSystems as Bio-Medical advisor.


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