Retrieve & Relate Announcement

Diepenbeek, Belgium - 22 October 2020 -
Official announcement: Launch of the Retrieve & Relate Platform


Ingrid Brands:

"As CEO and co-founder of BioStrand I am delighted to announce the first version of Retrieve and Relate, your genetic research companion, able to simultaneously search through all your data (public and proprietary) in multiple ways (sequences, text-based search, file input), giving you an overview on all levels (DNA, RNA and AA) and an intuitive, user-friendly way to filter and analyse."



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About BioStrand

BioStrand offers a revolutionary methodology for identifying similarities and variations in genetic data and detecting structural anchor points that will drive innovation in precision medicine, drug development and agriculture. The BioStrand methodology enables unprecedented accuracy in detecting similarities and variations in DNA, RNA and proteins. By detecting HYFTS™, structural 3D information is automatically integrated into the analyses, revolutionising pattern and profile detection that are critical in unraveling diseases and biological processes.

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Co-Founder, MD Ingrid Brands, CEO

PhD in neurorehabilitation, well-established career and background in rehabilitation medicine, extensive expertise in research and high-level management.

Co-Founder, MD Dirk  Van Hyfte, CTO

PhD in medical artificial intelligence and a background in psychiatry and research. Serial entrepreneur. His biggest current success is IKnow founded in 2000. IKnow was acquired by Intersystems in 2010. Dirk was invited to support InterSystems as Bio-Medical advisor.


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