BioStrand Omics Analysis Blog:

Employee Spotlight with Simon Cuppens

BioStrand | January 18, 2023

Simon joins the BioStrand team fresh out of university, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in...

Employee Spotlight with Carlo Wouters

BioStrand | November 24, 2022

Carlo joined Lensai (IPA) as Head of Technology in 2022, bringing with him over two decades of...

Employee Spotlight with Tom Vieijra

BioStrand | October 19, 2022

In our Employee Spotlight series, we focus on key individuals from our growing network of thought...

The BioStrand Interviews: Meet Illia Panin

BioStrand | June 29, 2022

Illia got started with frontend development when it was just static HTML, CSS, basic JavaScript and...

The BioStrand Interviews: Meet Yegor Korovin

BioStrand | May 25, 2022

Yegor graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics before transitioning to a Masters in...

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The BioStrand Interviews: Meet Thijs van Ulden

BioStrand | April 27, 2022

Thijs is a man of many parts. As a self-taught technology professional, he has worked with more...

The BioStrand Interviews: Meet Christophe Van Neste

BioStrand | March 23, 2022

Bioengineer, philosopher, programmer, bioinformatician and teacher, Christophe Van Neste is a truly...

The BioStrand Interviews: Meet Georgios Triantopoulos

BioStrand | February 24, 2022

In the second in our continuing series featuring members of the invaluable transdisciplinary talent...

The BioStrand Interviews:  Meet Sébastien Lemal

BioStrand | January 19, 2022

Advancing our understanding of biology is the only way we will boost developments in biotechnology...