BioStrand Omics Analysis Blog:
Multi-Omics (3)

Harnessing the power of sequence information to enable the next breakthroughs in biology

Taraka Ramji Moturu, Ph.D | January 28, 2021

The availability of high-quality genomes, transcriptome and protein assemblies are crucial for...

Disrupting Multi-Omics Data Analysis: 5 Key Highlights of BioStrand

Dr Ingrid Brands, General Manager | December 16, 2020

Multi-omics data analysis is currently an expensive, time-consuming affair that still delivers...

Multi-domain analysis: why having multi-omics layers under a single hood matters?

Pieter Van de Walle, PhD | December 3, 2020

Sequencing and spectrometry techniques are advancing at a rapid pace, providing more and more...